Lee’s Ghee - Brown Butter Ghee 210g

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Lee’s Ghee - Brown Butter Ghee 210g



You are looking for a healthy fat with a side of extra decadence

  • Think creamy, smooth, caramel, hazelnut, toffee, nutty, deliciousness!
  • Only one ingredient! 
  • Lactose free alternative to butter (99% of milk solids have been removed during clarification process). Perfect for your dairy free life! 
  • This particular recipe is based on a French style of clarified butter, called "Beurre Noisette" which translates to hazelnut butter
  • 0 net carbs per teaspoon!
  • 210 g
  • Store in a cool, dark place or in fridge for longer shelf life (2 years unopened, 1 year if refrigerated) 
  • Why a little pricey? 
    • Lee’s uses a traditional slow-cooking process which takes 8 hours on a low flame. 
    • No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and genetically-modified feed - only the absolute best! 
    • Small batch, organic, glass jarred
    • Organic certification > grass fed claims! Lee’s Ghee is CERTIFIED ORGANIC. No certification process for grass fed ghee in Canada means that it is difficult to verify the accuracy of grass fed claims on packaging. In Canada, according to organic standards, organic dairy cows must be on pasture whenever possible (summer and fall) but their feed can be supplemented with organic hay and grains. 
    • The organic certification shines through on the taste which is why our Customer Friends can’t get enough!


  • Blend it in your morning coffee! This is our Customer Friends’ favorite way to enjoy Brown Butter! All your bulletproof coffee, rocketfuel latte and bulletproof matcha needs.
  • You won’t miss cream in your coffee if you are following a dairy free keto lifestyle!
  • Spoonful straight out of the jar!
  • It’s spreadable - spread on any Good Dee’s Low Carb Pancakes or a high fat snack along with Fatso Peanut Butter!
  • Get your bake on! Mug Cakes with Bake In A Minute
  • Substitute for baking - Use in all your keto and paleo friendly treats! Ghee is more concentrated so when substituting ghee for butter, use ½ the amount the recipe calls for
  • Keep scrolling down to see all recipes! We got Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, 5 Minute Keto Friendly Cacao Superfood Protein Balls, Low Carb Bullet Coffee Ice Cream!

INGREDIENTS: organic clarified brown butter.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
AMAZING GHEE! I keep it in my purse next to my hot sauce!

Lee’s Ghee is amazing! The brown butter ghee? HEAVEN! Like Beyonce, I keep a lot of things in my purse, including this ghee for my black coffee when I’m on the run! It elevates even the likes of office coffee to a delicious concoction! This is a permanent staple in my kitchen!

Thank you

Love the brown butter Ghee 👍🏼

Yay! I'm so glad you love the Lee's Ghee Brown Butter!!! I LOVE it in my coffee, or using it for baking!

I didn't really know what to expect when I ordered this stuff, but it tastes SO GOOD!!! Just like caramel! I've been able to use it in coffee, and to make fat bombs. I will 100% be ordering this again!

I'm so happy you loved the Lee's Ghee Brown Butter!! it's so good! I love it in coffee, or even when baking. A tip from the founder of Lee's Ghee is that you can use 1/2 the amount of ghee as you would butter when baking!!
I'm Addicted - And That's OKAY!

Lee's Provisions Ghee's have become an everyday staple. The brown butter ghee has changed my morning coffee game. Just opening the jar and taking a big whiff will put a smile on your face. Coffee + Lee's brown butter ghee are seriously heaven in a cup. The vanilla bean is wonderful too. Thank you, Lee's Provisions!

Yay! I'm so happy you loved your Lee's Provisions products! I LOVE brown butter in my coffee. The other thing I use both Vanilla Blend and Brown Butter for is frying nuts! I will put enough ghee to create a pool at the bottom of a frying pan, and then fry nuts (my fav is macadamia or pecans) in the ghee until they start to brown (low-medium heat, stirring constantly), then pour into a bowl (make sure you get all of the ghee at the bottom!), and then add cinnamon to taste! So good!!!

Neha totally got me hooked on this stuff. It’s all I can do not to eat it straight out of the jar by the spoonful. It’s absolutely perfect for my my morning coffees!!

Thanks so much for your review! I'm so happy you loved the Brown Butter Ghee!!