US Tips & Tricks Sheet


Thank you for trusting SwitchGrocery for all your delicious foodie needs! You’re excited, you got your box, so what’s next? Use (and fall in love) with all your new goods! We put together some tips & tricks to help you make the most out of your new products. Enjoy!


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Bake In A Minute 

  • In microwave, takes only 90 seconds! Can also be made in oven and toaster oven (8-10 minutes to bake)
  • Just add 1 egg and 1 tbsp butter (or oil, for dairy free) to bread mix
  • More than a bread mix! Make croutons, sandwich thins, a whole bread loaf, pancakes, mug cake, muffins, pizza crust, or use as a binder in burgers and meatballs!

Fatso Peanut Butters

  • Fatso Peanut Butters are beyond versatile: add to your morning coffee, top your chocolate, add to your Good Dee’s mixes, spread on a slice of Bake In a Minute Bread, next level your smoothie, chia or yogurt bowls, make fat bombs, or just enjoy by the creamy spoonful!
  • For best consistency, stir well and store in fridge

Good Dee’s Baking Mixes

  • Mixes are so versatile - let your creativity run wild!
  • Add Pili Nuts for extra crunch, Fatso Peanut Butter for some creamy goodness, or Philosophie Superfood Protein powders for an extra and delicious protein punch! 
  • Ghee up your mixes! Swap butter/coconut oil for Lee’s Ghee! Use ½  the amount the recipe calls for if using ghee, ¾ the amount the recipe calls for of using Good Fat Blends.
  • For on the go snacking that will last a few days (2-4), individually wrap in paper towel (for moisture) and then bag and bring with you!
  • Freezer friendly! Bake, portion, and freeze!

Jaswant's Kitchen

Tadka Masala

  • Your new everyday spice! Classic cooking spice - use on chicken wings, thigh, breast or whole, on burgers, on any fish, on favorite veggies, on paneer, and in soups, curries, and stews!
  • Mis in yogurt or sour cream for a flavourful and easy dip!

Garam Masala

  • Ultimate finishing spice! Next level your dishes and sprinkle right before serving
  •  A little goes a long way.. Just the smallest pinch will do!

Tandoori Masala

  • Best for grilling - marinades, meats, veggies, BBQ!
  • Gives a little spice to your dishes!

Lee’s Provisions Ghee

Lee's Ghee

  • So many ways to ghee! Blend it in your morning coffee, add to any Good Dee’s Low Carb Baking Mix or Bake In A Minute creations, or eat by the spoonful for the perfect fat bomb!
  • When baking with ghee, swap butter for  ½ the amount the recipe calls for.
  • Store in a cool, dark place or in fridge for longer shelf life (2 years unopened, 1 year if refrigerated)

Lee's Good Fat Blends

  • Blend a spoonful into your morning coffee, tea, matcha, or smoothie, add to any Good Dee’s Low Carb Baking Mix or Bake In A Minute creations, or eat by the spoonful for the perfect fat bomb (why not top with Pili Nuts too!)
  • When substituting Good Fat Blend for butter, use ¾ the amount that the recipe calls for
  • Store in a cool, dark place (very important!)
  • If it’s near heat, it may melt and the ghee and coconut oil can separate. If that happens, mix well and store in a cool, dark place.

Live Wraps


  • Sandwich? Nachos? Taco shells? Chips and dip? If you dream it, you can make it!
  • Keto Pizza night! Make a super thin crust pizza in 10 minutes - bake the crust, add your toppings, bake again and you’re good to go!
  • Cut your wrap into small triangles, bake until crispy and use as tortilla chips for salsa and other dips (please watch in the oven – they can burn very quickly as they do not have wheat and are flax and vegetable-based)
  • Wraps are actually shelf stable but we recommend storing them in the fridge (last 60 days) or freezer (lasts 6 months) for longer shelf life! It is normal for them to thaw out during shipping – this is not an issue!


  • So much more than a protein powder, each superfood blend has unique qualities and uses!
  • All protein powders are shelf stable, but can be stored in the fridge or freezer for extra shelf life! (if they last that long!)

Cacao Magic Superfood Protein

  • Mocha coffee: add some Cacao Magic and you will be in chocolatey heaven! Even better - add some Lee’s Ghee for extra creaminess and really get your day started!
  • Add to your baking, coffee, ice cream and more! Can also be swapped for cacao in most recipes. No impact to efficacy and effectiveness with heat, so bake away!
  • Add to coconut milk over the stove to make a delicious protein and superfood hot chocolate or add to cold nut milk for a chocolate milk twist!
  • Cacao Magic is a customer favorite added to Good Dee’s or Bake In A Minute creations! 

Berry Bliss Superfood Protein

  • Heating up the blend reduces the efficacy and so if you want all of the benefits, keep it as an addition to your cold dishes
  • Next level your chia puddings, yogourt, and smoothie bowls! 
  • Berry Superfood Salad dressing! A little bit of lemon, juice, olive oil and crushed berries! Top with some Rosemary Pili Nuts for that crouton crunch and you have an epic salad!

Green Dream Superfood Protein:


  • Heating up the blend does not reduce efficacy, so can be used in both hot and cold dishes
  • This blend is known for high iron content and is a great way to get your nutrients without alternating the taste of your dish!
  • Perfect in soups, bone broth, sauces, curries, and chili!
  • Add to chia puddings, yogourt, and smoothie bowls! 
  • Make superfood matcha by adding Green Dream and Lee’s Ghee!


Pili Nuts

  • Perfect on the go! Purse, stroller, car, desk drawer, gym bag, suitcase - wherever you go, pili goes!
  • Top your Good Dee’s for some extra crunch, layer on a spoonful of Fatso for the perfect fat bomb, or use in salads as a crouton replacement! 
  • You can also cook them in a frying pan in butter or ghee (watch carefully as they burn easily) and add any toppings you want, like sea salt, sweetener of choice, cinnamon or anything else you can think of!! 
  • The nuts are delicious at any temperature and thaw without losing their smooth, buttery quality. 
  • To ensure freshness store in fridge or freezer