Not just another online store (I promise!), SwitchGrocery is THE online store for all your delicious food products. We curate delicious food products for people on specific lifestyles - sugar free, grain free, keto friendly, low carb, vegan and more! Our products support individuals who are trying to reverse type 2 diabetes with a low carb lifestyle.

We source our products from small to midsize suppliers and try and test everything before we bring them to our virtual shelves! The same way our customers are Customer Friends, so are our supplier friends. Each brand we decide to work with doesn't only have a great product, but is also run by great people, who have talent in the kitchen, a vision, integrity and deeply care about our customers.

The products easily fit in to a busy lifestyle because that's what our Customer Friends need (yes that's what we call our customers!)  

As you will get to know us, you will quickly notice however that we are more than just “another online store.” 

We are a community. 

We care deeply about our Customer Friends and take each individualized journey to heart. Through our social media and meetups, we support the coming together of our customer friends, where you can get to know and support others like you! Because at the end of the day, you are not alone in your health journey. 


One reason why we are expanding to the US is to bring some hard-to-find, unique, and tasty products to our American friends! We want you to be able to enjoy a delicious low carb wrap the same way our Canadian customer friends do. Sharing is caring!

We also have supplier friends that are from the US and we want to help them continue to grow locally.

And of course meetups! Together is better and we have witnessed this first hand from the value and richness customer friends have taken away from our various meetups. We want to continue to support this community building by bringing this same format to the US. It is so great to meet like minded people who you can just sit down and share a fatty coffee with. 


Switch the way you business! Here are the 4 values that are at the core of SwitchGrocery: 

1. We Find Brands That Are The Future Of Food 

    • We review the ingredients carefully and look at specific criteria such as refined sugar, total carbohydrates, dietary fibre, net carbs. We strive to find organic and non-GMO food products and recyclable or compostable packaging where possible. We search for healthy replacements for comfort foods from your childhood to satisfy your cravings. 
    • We try many different products within a category, interview the supplier and select the best one to carry in our store. Everything you eat, we’ve tried and eat at home!
    • We don't want to overwhelm you! Other online stores carry a lot of choices for something as simple as a bread mix - think of the cereal aisle. We take our time to hand pick what we carry, so we can bring you THE best one!


2. We Want You to Get the Most Value From Your Products!

  • We want to help take your purchase further
  • We create recipes and update weekly on Recipe Monday on our blog!
  • We show you how we use Switch products through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest posts, YouTube and more! Live demos, videos, recipes!
  • Through our use at home and feedback from our customer friends, we’ve created our Tip Sheet that has the tips on how to use and benefit from these amazing products!
  • Product education is so important to us! We want you to know why the product you have in your hands is so special, why we chose it, and why we love it!
We are Building A Community Where You Are Not Alone!
  • We said it once, we said it twice, and we will say it a third time because this is just how important community is to us! 
  • We don't want you to feel alone on your health journey.
  • We plan Meetups so we can all come together to talk all things health!
  • We do Wine Tea Wednesday's on Instagram at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
  • We believe in close and personal relationships with our Customer Friends. 
We Care About our Planet
  • We’re bringing unsexy back! We use brown post consumer and recyclable paper for all boxes (aka our infamous “unsexy boxes”), as small box sizes as possible, no fancy packaging, and reuse all supplier boxes and materials where possible!